STEWARDS APPLICATION FORM - please complete all the sections
Preferred Email address
House name or number
Please confirm that you will be over 18 in July
I have read "Being a steward at Ely"
Do you hold a current First Aid qualification?
Physical 'limitatons'
Last Ely Festival?
Current Occupation or  professional skills
Short or long shifts
Working with your friend?
When will you be arriving at Ely?
When will you be leaving Ely?
First Choice Team preference
2nd Choice team prference
3rd Choice team reference
Morris Commitments in Town on Saturday?
Any Artistst that you would particularly like to see?
Photo - for your steward ID
Mobile  no. just in case we need to contact you on site
eg. problems standing, walking or lifting - don't want to ask anyone to anything they would struggle with!
We want to make the very best use of your talents!
Another steward with whom you are coming to Ely.
This info helps me to plan out your shifts to make the most of your time at Ely and to know which briefing you'll be attending.
I'll do my very best to fit you in to your first choice, but some teams are quite small (eg Box Office /Merchandise/ Green room) and not everyone can opt for Marquees!
Stewards who are members of weekend teams dancing in Ely on Saturday are credited with 2 hours duty for that.
If you are unable to load a photo, then email it to me via  If you have stewarded before, I'll use your 'younger' photo unles you send me a new one.
Campsites, Gates, Task Force, Green Room, Box Office/Merchandise, Marquees, Control.
Please Note:-  This form allows me to automatically transfer all the data to my speadsheet - saving me lots of work! However, it only works if you avoid using commas "," or the "return/enter" key in the text boxes.  Thank you, David.