Songs and tunes
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Here are some songs and a few tunes that are favourites of mine.  I  like to group them by theme; there is some overlapping, so a few songs appear in more than one list.

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       OUT OF THE MOUTHS  (2020)

I learned several of these songs from 'Singing Together' a weekly schools broadcast on the BBC, edited by AL LLoyd and presented by William Appleby.  They are not all 'children's songs' but all of them I've sung to and with children in school assemblies, classrooms and festival children's groups.

Old Daddy Fox
Go tell aunt Rhody
Froggie went a courtin'
Sly Reynard
The Carrion Crow
Bluetail Fly
Oats, Peas, Beans
Logger Lover
Don't jump off the roof, Dad
Mothers Lament
I wish I was single again
Football Crazy
TheSick note
Good King Arthurs Days
Midnight Marauder
Nine Feet tall
William Kidd
Grace Darling
Big Ship
Candlelight Fisherman
The Mermaid
Twas in the broad Atlantic
Smugglers Song



Tales of romantic woe and disaster!

Calico Printers Clerk
Matty Grove
Black is the colour
Bold Grenadier
Cruel Lowland Maid
Darling Cora is gone
Going to a wedding
Johnny Todd
Little Bitty Tear
The Ledbury Clergyman
Lucy Wan
One cold  morning in December
Stanton Drew
Long Black Veil
Banks of the Ohio
The Grey Cock
TheWhitby Tailor

Over the years I've also video'd several songs.  Some are from  'Lockdown' Zoom sessions , so the quality is even worse than the others!
You can find them HERE