Here are all the tunes that we'll play in the "Easy 'n Slow" sessions.
You can download the music as a pdf file which can be printed out either as A4 sheets or, if your printer permits, as an A5 booklet.
You can also download all the tunes in ABC notation (as a ZIP file). Unzip. and then import into an ABC editor.  I use EasyABC which is available (free) for Windows and Mac systems.and allows you to vary the speed of the playback..
I have also recorded all the tunes on the (anglo) concertina.  They were straight 'takes' - no editing or polishing - just as I played them at a 'steady' session speed.  You can download them below as a ZIP file.  The tunes are in pairs or threes with either three or two AABB repeats. (Mostly!)
Finally I have recorded the tunes as MIDI files..... probably more accurate to the actual dots, but without any feeling!

The South Wind, Michael Turner's, The Man in the Moon, Nutley Waltz, Stow Fair, Waltz Vienna
Cock of the North, Blaydon Races, Oscar Wood's, Fakenham Fair, Oyster Girl, Happy Clown.
Jack Robinson, Three around Three, Hunt the squirrel, Bonny Breast Knot, Shepton Hornpipe.
Not for Joe, Redwing, Winster Galop, Rigs of Marlow, Donkey Riding
Bodmin Riding March, Prince William's March, Turks March, Gathering Peascods, Rufty Tufty.
George Green's College Hornpipe, Redesdale Hornpipe, Trumpet Hornpipe, Dannish Waltz
The Little bird on Nellies Hat, Scan tester No 1, Scan tester No 2
Charles Stuart's Farewell, Farewell to Whisky, Buchaill en Eirne, Abdelazer Hornpipe
Use the links below to jump to a page or tune. The player below each tune plays the tune once slowly and then a little quicker.  On some tunes I've added a 'faster' version at the end!  As these are computer generated files they are accurate in terms of pitch and note length but they lack any expression.  When we play them in the workshop we'll play them with 'light and shade' and 'lift' to give them real life!     The guitar chords are basic.... try to play them rthymically rather than a manic strum!

I have made a few corrections at intervals to the transcriptions - the versions on this website should be the most up to date.. Most of the amendments have been to the guitar chords, but nothing too serious.  I have tried to keep the pdf, the pages below and the abc file the same, but it hasn't been easy! Please forgive any remaining discrepancies; after all, it is folk music!