Ely Folk Festival Tunebook
Straightforward arrangements of some popular session tunes from all over the British Isles and beyond. The tunes are all in the key of  G  and stripped of ornamentation and embellishments - you can add your own as you play them.

We'll use these tunes in the Easy 'n Slow sessions at the Festival, where we'll be playing them slowly at first  and generally very steadily.  They are mostly grouped in pairs of tunes and we'll usually play each tune through 3 times. You can download a pdf file of the tunes which can be printed either as A4 pages or as an A5 booklet (which only uses 5 sheets of paper!)  Alternatively you can download an 'abc' file which can be opened in programmes such as 'EasyABC'.... which is free for Windows.  
Right click on the links below to download the file to your computer.

     Download tunebook                                            Download Tunebook abc file
I have also incuded music tracks of every tune;  most of the tracks play once through slowly and then once through at  a slightly faster pace and are mostly preceded by a two bar intro.  They are very rigid because they are MIDI tracks; when we play the tunes in sessions they will be  much more fluid.  With hindsight it would have been better, quicker and easier to actualy record  them on the guitar and concertina - I may get round to that, but in the meantime they will give you a good idea of how the melody goes.